The Touch

2005                drama


A young woman, Hannah More, acquires a lifetime of bad touches as she journeys through dysfunction, rejection, drugs, and jail. At the same time a local church has a bitter fight and is split down the middle on whether or not to open a shelter for homeless women. After a suicide attempt Hannah finds herself on the steps of the church’s shelter. Not only does her life begin to change through a series of good touches but the church is changed, and challenged, as well. Based on a true story.

The church eventually opened a women’s shelter, a 30 bed drug and alcohol facility for men, a group home for abandoned children, a children’s shelter, a resource center for assistance, a pregnancy care center, and a medical center staffed by 28 physicians providing indigent medical care. Over 100,000 have been helped…Hannah was one of them.



Kristia Knowles
Shauna Bartel
Bruce Borgan
Polly Smith
Rick Bronson
Mark Ullius


David Shoshan